Meet The Leaders – Damian Clapham

Over the next few months we are going to run a series of blogs that introduce the Leaders who look after the runners at RunSmart.

It seems sensible to start with Damian as he has overall responsibility for RunSmart.

Firstly Damian, just tell us a little about yourself?

I am by profession a Chartered Surveyor (commercial property), I am married to Michelle and have two children, Charlotte (13) and James (6). Originally from Blackburn I have now moved to Buckshaw Village, via Leyland and various other northern cities!! I have completed several marathons along the way but if I couldn’t run, I would probably play a lot more golf!!

Why do you run??

Mainly to escape for a bit of me time but also for the physical and mental benefits that exercise provides, probably more the mental than the physical if honest!!! The social side of running is also amazing, I have met so many good friends through my membership of Red Rose Road Runners and through the fantastic group we have at RunSmart Leyland.

Which has been your favourite race so far?

I run the Great North Run every year, don’t think I have ever taken it seriously time wise, however it’s such an amazing few hours. Supporting those running with you and being supported along pretty much every mile by the fantastic people of the north east… honestly, it’s brilliant!! Local races can be great too as you get to run in small events that really support the local running community alongside good friends!!

What has been your favourite night at RunSmart?

We once had over 300 people, beginners and regulars, running around the streets of Leyland on a cold January night at 8pm!! It was absolute chaos!!

McDonald’s or KFC?

Really, you want me to choose?? That’s like asking me which is my favourite child!!! If I really must choose, I would probably go with McDonald’s as I prefer the fries there!!

Which brand trainers do you usually wear?

Generally, 90% of the trainers I buy are Adidas, in fact most of my running wardrobe will be Adidas gear… I do own lots of other brands though I promise, you can never have too many trainers and sometimes it’s good to not get the feet too used to one brand!!

What’s the best bit of RunSmart for you?

Oh, that’s easy, the people! Every Leader and Associate give up so much to help everyone meet and run safely. The runners themselves make it a massively enjoyable social time for everyone attending, oh and there is often cake at the end!!